Specify Parameters for Customer Returns

The purpose of this procedure is to specify parameters for customer returns.

These parameters are regulated by a warehouse. Therefore, parameters for customer returns are defined for a current warehouse so it can receive the returns. The requirements for the return and default values for customer return entry should be defined.

Before you start

To start this procedure, the warehouse, location, and reason code must be specified.

Follow these steps

  1. Select 'Settings - Customer Returns' (OIS399).

  2. Select the warehouse to receive the customer return and select 'Open'.

  3. Specify the appropriate values on the E panel. Specify the receipt requirements to apply at the warehouse. Specify the default values for customer return entry in the fields under the heading 'Defaults'. Press Enter to confirm the values.

  4. To define parameters for more warehouses, repeat steps 2 and 3. Otherwise, press F3 to end.

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