Print Invoice Copy

This document describes how you print invoice copies for customer orders that have been invoiced and thus printed previously.

This procedure can also be used if a customer order is invoiced, but a hard copy is not printed. This can occur if document number 380 (Invoice) is not connected to the order or if different document groups have been used for the customer and the customer order type.

Before you start

A customer order must have been invoiced (status 77).

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'CO Delivery. Open' (OIS150). To print a copy of a previously printed invoice, go to step 5. Otherwise, go to step 2.

  2. Select the appropriate customer order, select option 14=Document and 'CO Delivery. Connect Documents' (OIS154) is started.

  3. Specify 380 in the 'Document number' field and select 'New' and the E panel is displayed. This creates document number 380 for the customer order.

  4. Specify the values for the printout. Press Enter to start the printing.

  5. Start 'CO Invoice. Print Copy' (OIS680). Specify the appropriate invoice number(s). If you do not know the invoice number, you will find it in 'CO Delivery. Open' (OIS150/E).

  6. Press Enter to print the copies.


The resulting printout is an exact copy of the original, but is marked as a copy. No updating is done after printing.

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