Approve Customer Order Delivery for Invoicing

This document describes how a customer order delivery (customer order plus delivery number) is approved.


The consignee's approval of a delivery is entered in the system.

If incorrect quantities where delivered, the delivery order is updated with correct quantities.


The delivery order can be invoiced in 'CO Invoice. Print' (OIS180).

How the System Is Affected

The order line/delivery number is removed from 'CO Delivery. Approve' (OIS155).

Status is changed to 60=Ready to be invoiced, in 'CO Delivery. Open' (OIS150).

If quantities are changed, the delivery order is updated. This will also affect the invoice. However, the original customer order is not affected.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'CO Delivery. Approve' (OIS155). The program can also be reached from program 'CO Delivery. Open' (OIS150) by using option 33.

  2. If selection was made from 'CO Delivery. Open' (OIS150), go to step 3. Otherwise, specify the appropriate customer order number and delivery number.

  3. Specify the name of the person at the consignee's who approved the delivery and the date of approval.

  4. Adjust the delivered quantity for the order lines displayed, if necessary, by specifying the correct quantity in the appropriate order line.

  5. Press F14=Update to approve the delivery.

  6. To end, press F3.

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