Invoice Customer Order Manually

This document describes how customer orders are invoiced manually, with possibilities to choose selection criteria on which customer orders to invoice.

It is not the customer order as such, that is invoiced. It is delivery orders created from an original customer order. A delivery order is identified with the customer order number, warehouse and delivery number.

This instruction is used to invoice customer orders with the following order type categories:

1 - Normal order

2 - Credit order

6 - Adjustment order

9 - Bonus and commission

C - Charges.


Invoices are printed on paper or sent via electronic media.

Prices are printed depending on how the 'Price printout' field is set in 'Customer. Open' (CRS610/H) and the 'Total price' field in 'CO Type. Open' (OIS010/F).

The invoice can be monitored in 'CO Invoice. Display' (OIS350).

An invoice number is created according to the invoice series entered in the 'Invoice series' in 'CO Type. Open' (OIS010/E).

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'CO Invoice. Print' (OIS180).

  2. Press F13=Parameters and specify opening panel.

    • Select the E panel to invoice a range of customer orders.
    • Select the F panel to invoice specific customer orders.
  3. Click 'Next'.

  4. Specify an invoice date. The date is printed on the invoice. If 'Invoice date' is selected in the 'Due date base' field in 'Customer. Open' (CRS610/J), this date is used to calculate the due date for the invoice.

  5. Specify an accounting date. The date determines in which period the invoice will be booked for statistics, general ledger and accounts receivable.

  6. Specify desired selections in the 'Summary invoicing code' field. Select option 1 or 2 in the 'Advance invoicing code' field.

  7. Choose one of these options:

    • Invoice specific customer orders using the F panel

      Enter 1-5 customer order deliveries: customer order number, warehouse, and delivery number. All fields must be specified.

      You can browse in the 'Customer order' field to see all customer order deliveries in 'CO Delivery. Open' (OIS150).

      Start the invoicing. Choose from these two alternatives:

      • Press F14=Interactive. The invoicing is done interactively. After invoicing, panel (OIS180/E) is displayed and a new invoice can be done.
      • Click 'Next'. The invoice is processed in a batch job.
    • Invoice a range of customer orders using the E panel

      Specify whether bonus and commission advance settlements should be included.

      Specify the selection criteria for the range of customer orders to be invoiced in the 'From' and 'To' fields. If no selections are specified, all valid customer order deliveries will be invoiced.

      Click 'Next'. The invoice is processed in a batch job.

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