Correct and Complete Rejected Temporary Customer Order

This document explains how to investigate why a batch order is rejected at batch order entry, how to correct the errors, if any, and how to release the order for creation.

A batch order can be rejected and remain a temporary customer order if the batch order includes incorrect information, missing information or if the order is stopped because of a check, for example, a credit check.


Rejected (incorrect or incomplete) temporary customer orders are corrected and created as confirmed customer orders.

The customer order file is updated.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Batch Order. Open' (OIS275). Select a range of rejected batch orders in the 'Status' fields, press Enter and the selection are displayed.

  2. Check an order to see what error caused the order to be rejected by specifying one of the following:

    • Option 9=Release. This is a quick way to check an order. If the order is correct it will be released and the status will be updated to 90=Customer Order Created. If the order is not correct, an error message is displayed, and you will have to use option 11=Check/release to find out how to correct the order.
    • Option 11=Check/release. This is a thorough way to check an order. If there is an error in the order header (status 15) go to step 3. If there is an error in an order line, go to step 4. Note that option 11=Check/release activates the same controls as during customer order entry. When the order line is corrected it will be released and the status will be updated to 90=Customer Order Created.
  3. Customer order header errors might be displayed in two ways, depending on the type of error.

    • An error message is displayed, for example a credit check message. In this case, answer the message and continue.
    • 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100) is displayed and positioned on the panel containing the error. An error message is displayed on the panel. Correct the error and press ENTER. If additional errors exist, corresponding panels will be displayed.

    After all errors on an order have been corrected, a confirmed order number is created. The status displayed at the top of the panel reflects the status for the confirmed order number.

  4. Press F14=Release all in 'Batch Order. Open Lines' (OIS276). The result is:

    • Correct lines are created for the order
    • An order message is displayed for incorrect order lines.
  5. Use option 11=Check/Release for the first incorrect order line. One of the following is displayed:

    • An error message on panel (OIS276/B)
    • 'Customer Order. Open Line' (OIS101)
    • 'Batch Order. Open Lines' (OIS276/E)
  6. Correct the order line accordingly. The panels on which corrections must be made are displayed. Press Enter to display an error message for a panel.

  7. When all order lines are correct, the entire order is approved.

  8. Click 'Exit' to end the procedure and return to 'Batch Order. Open' (OIS275).

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