Restart Invoicing

The purpose of this procedure is to restart invoicing after it has been interrupted.

Before you start

To restart invoicing, the interrupted job cannot be active.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'CO Invoice. Restart Processing' (OIS980). All active invoicing jobs are displayed. Invoicing jobs that are ended normally are automatically deleted from the list. If the job cannot be found, see step 4.

  2. Select option 9='Run' to restart an invoicing job.

  3. Press F3 to end the job.

  4. If the job cannot be found in (OIS980), activate the extended search for additional jobs. The extended search searches for records without a corresponding job command record (CJBCMD) for the invoice in the progress table (OINVIP). The jobs found can also be restarted (see step 2). The dates used when restarting are usually retrieved from the CO delivery header (ODHEAD), but if the job was interrupted before the delivery header was updated the dates stated in 'CO Invoice. Print' (OIS180) on the user that started the invoicing are selected.

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