Copy Customer Order or Quotation

This document explains how to create a new customer order or quotation by copying a customer order or a quotation.


Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100/A).

    Copy Customer Order Header

  2. Select the customer order or quotation that you want to copy, select 'Copy' and 'Customer Order. Copy' (OIS106) is displayed.

  3. Enter an order number for the new customer order. If you leave the field blank, a number will be assigned to the order from the number series entered for the customer order in 'CO Type. Open' (OIS010/E).

  4. Check and, if necessary, change the information to be copied. Click 'Next' to confirm copying and you will return to the A panel in (OIS100). A message confirms the order number used.

  5. Check the values. All fields on panel (OIS100/A) can be changed. If not, values from the customer order copied will be used. Click 'Next' to confirm the copying of the order.

    • Copying continues according to the panel sequence set for the customer order type used. It is recommended to use full panel sequence to be able to check the proposed information from the copied order.
    • Note that the information for the order is retrieved from the copied order and not according to the customer order type specified.

    Copy and Enter Order Lines

  6. Specify order lines in 'Customer Order. Open Lines' (OIS101).

    • If you specified that order lines should not be copied, 'Customer Order. Open Line' (OIS101) is displayed. Enter order lines as usual. Click 'Exit' to end the procedure.
    • If you specified that order lines should be copied, 'Customer Order. Copy' (OIS106) is displayed. The order lines from the copied order is displayed. Follow the procedure from step 7.
  7. Check and change, if necessary, the information for the order line to be copied.

    • Delivery date and time - proposed values are retrieved from (OIS101).
    • Delivering warehouse can be changed either per line or for all lines. The general 'Warehouse' field, at the top of the panel, is prioritized if the two fields have different values.
  8. Copy one order line(s). You can either:

    • Highlight one order line and select 'Select'.
    • Press F14=Copy all, to copy all order lines from the order. A message is displayed confirming that the order line(s) is copied. The order line(s) is now added in the (OIS101) panel.
  9. Click 'Exit' when you have finished copying order lines. 'Customer Order. Open Line' (OIS101) is displayed. All copied order lines are displayed.

  10. Check the copied order line information. If necessary, change the information on the order line for the present customer order.

  11. Continue the order registration according to entered panel sequence.

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