Delivery Reporting - Customer Order

This process is used to report item issues. This is done to confirm that the actual issue is made according to the picking list and to create a delivery order ready for invoicing.

It is possible to adjust the customer order during delivery reporting.

Note: The process cannot be used when Transportation Planning is used. In that case the order is prepared for invoicing in 'Shipment. Open' (DRS100).


After using this process,

Follow these steps

The process starts when a picking list is reported after picking is completed.

Note: The only mandatory activity in the process is reporting the picking list. All other activities are optional.
  1. Report Picking List

    After an item is picked from inventory, the picking list must be reported. Before this is done, any variances in the allocations must also be reported and any additions made to the picking list.

    When the picking list is reported, on-hand balance is updated and a delivery order created. Reporting is done in 'Picking List. Report' (MWS420).

  2. Update Allocations

    Completed allocations can be adjusted.

    This must be done when the actual issue varies from the picking list. This can be an issue from a different location or lot number than listed. Otherwise, on-hand balance will not agree with the actual issue.

  3. Add Order Lines

    The customer order can be supplemented with new lines directly in the picking list. Lines are added in 'Customer Order. Open Line' (OIS101).

  4. Create Delivery Order

    When a delivery order is created, necessary information is copied from the customer order, such as terms, addresses, weight, and volume. When necessary, more information can be added to the delivery order. This is done in 'CO Delivery. Open' (OIS150) and does not change the original customer order.

  5. Update Order Charges

    When a delivery is created, the order charges connected to the customer order are also copied. When necessary, more information about these charges can be added to the delivery order. This is done in 'Customer Order. Connect Charges' (OIS103), which is started using option 13=Charges in 'CO Delivery. Open' (OIS150).

  6. Update Documents per Delivery Order

    In addition, the documents connected to the customer order are copied when the delivery order is created. When necessary, these documents can be supplemented in 'CO Delivery. Connect Documents' (OIS154), reached via option 14=Documents in 'CO Delivery. Open' (OIS150).

  7. Approve Delivery

    Delivery approval can take place automatically when the picking list is reported or manually in 'CO Delivery. Approve' (OIS155). This is regulated by the customer order type of the delivery order.

    If the delivery order has status 61 (proof of delivery), then its contents must be approved before the order can be delivered. Approved delivery orders are assigned status 60 (Delivery ready for invoicing).

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