Build Equipment using Attribute Management

This document explains the process steps involved when configuring attribute management to allow equipment to be created from a sales order and built using a work order.


Attribute settings for work orders are configured.

These M3 tables are affected:

Follow these steps

Basic data for creating items and serial numbers must be established.

  1. Configure the Item in (MMS001)

    In the G panel, the Attr Managed code must be set to 1 or 2 o 3. 2-Yes Dsp stock receipt is preferred. An attribute model must also be defined in Attr model. Attribute model is defined in (ATS050).

    In the J panel, set the 'Next Action type' as the valid Structure Type and 'Next Service' as a valid service from (MOS300). This is the service that will be used as a header. All material and operations is connected to the Product in 'Product Structure. Open' (PDS001/PDS002). It's the Product Structure with its settings in the (PDS002) that is used to build the equipment on the work order and the one that will contain the configuration details described in step 7.

  2. Configure the Items warehouse in (MMS002)

    In 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002) set the Acquisition Code to 6 and enter a valid maintenance order type from (MOS120).

  3. Create a Product Structure in (PDS001)

    Create a product structure in 'Product Structure. Open' (PDS001).

  4. Configure the structure in (PDS002)

    In 'Product. Connect Materials/Operations' (PDS002), add the necessary materials and operations needed to build the equipment.

  5. Configure the options and features in (PDS003)

    Connect options and features. Selection type 5=Attribute should be used. This should be done on the material line in (PDS002) and can be used for operations as well.

  6. Create the customer order in (OIS100)

    A customer order is created in 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100) to configure and sell the equipment.

    In 'Customer Order. Open Lines' (OIS101), when the line is created, you must enter the product number and line types 0 or 1.

    Press the Enter key to activate the attribute screen, 'Attribute Value. Connect To' (ATS101). Choose an option and Press Enter. Once all attributes have been selected, (OIS145) is displayed. Select 'Create WO'. The order type is fetched from 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002).

    Press F17 to update the record and then press Enter. The line is then created.

  7. Work order processing in (MOS170), (MOS100)

    A work order request (proposal) will now have been created in 'Work Request. Open' (MOS170) and will reference the customer order.

    Depending on the planning policy on service, the request could also be automatically released.

    The materials and operations in 'Work Request. Open Line' (MOS171) will be set according to the product structure and the options selected on the attributes.

    The request can be released to become a work order and can be viewed in 'Work Order. Open' (MOS100) or (MOS195).

  8. Work order put away in (MOS050)

    Once the new equipment has been built, all operations and materials will be reported and finally the work order will be closed in 'Work Order. Close' (MOS050). In (MOS050), you must enter a Lot (serial) number.

  9. Allocate the new serial number in (OIS101)

    On the customer order line in 'Customer Order. Open Lines' (OIS101) the new item serial number will be automatically added, when the picking list has been reported, and the status will be raised to 33.

  10. Costing in CAS310 (CAS311)

    From 'Internal Account Entry. Open' (CAS300) the costs for the item are displayed and by using related option 11 the cost model can be viewed. Since the item number has actual costing method then the standard cost value will be zero, although a (PCS300) record for the work order with the cost from proposal will still be created.

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