Credit Card Management in Customer Order Entry

This document explains how to manage credit card payments for customer orders.


Payment by credit card is accepted during customer order entry. However, partial payments from multiple cards are not accepted for the same delivery.

Credit card information is authorized and is used to reserve funds at customer order entry.

After invoicing, a delayed capture is issued, and when the payment is later received, it is matched with the correct record in accounts receivable.

Use this information to manage payments by credit card for customer orders.

The following tables are updated:

Before you start

The starting conditions listed in Manage Credit Card Payments in Customer Order Entry must be met.


Payment by credit card is a highly preferred payment option, since it is an effective, efficient method of credit acceptance.

The primary purpose of credit card payment is to accept credit cards for customer orders to optimize the payment methods.

Credit card payment is managed in the following stages in M3:


In M3, payment by credit card is accepted when a customer wants to pay for a customer order.


When you enter credit card information in ‘Credit Card Authorization. Open’ (CRS435), a third-party provider is used to authorize the credit card information online. Once the card information is authorized, funds can be reserved for the customer order.

After invoicing, a delayed capture for the invoiced amount is sent to the third party provider.


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