Define Bank Account for a Customer

This document explains how you define bank account information for a customer.

Each bank account record contains detailed information about the account and the accounting string for posting transactions to this account. When applicable, conditions for remitting drafts to this account are also defined.


The bank account information is defined for a customer.

Bank account information is used:

The following tables are updated:

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Customer. Open' (CRS610/B).

  2. Select the customer for which the bank account information needs to be defined.

  3. Select option 16 = Bank/Customer to start 'Bank Account. Open' (CRS692/B).

  4. Enter 'Bank account type', 'Bank Account Identity', select 'Account holder' and 'Address number' and create the bank account.

    Note: The Bank account type must be set to 02 = Customer bank accounts to define customer-specific bank information.
  5. Specify the relevant bank account data on the E and F panels. For detailed descriptions on the parameters to set, see Register Bank Account.

  6. Press F3 to return to 'Customer. Open' (CRS610/B).

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