File Sales Ticket Entries

This document describes how you file information about sales ticket entries.

The purpose of filing sales tickets is to decrease the number of sales ticket transactions and to increase system performance.


The sales ticket entries are transferred to the filing library; that is, to MVXARCH.

The performance of the system is increased as a result of the released disk space.

You have updated MVXARCH with the archived files. The archived files are:

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Sales Ticket Entry. File Transferred' (OPS080/E).

  2. On the E panel, specify the filing conditions in one or more of the following fields:

    • Facility
    • Warehouse (store)
    • Transaction Date - The date when the sales ticket entry was transferred from the POS system to M3.
    • Entry Date - The date when the sales ticket was entered in the POS system.
  3. Enter a sorting order when you have specified more than one filing condition.

    Enter numerical values for the sorting order. The lowest number gets the highest priority. The information in the document is presented according to the sorting order you specify here.

  4. Press Enter to start the filing process.

    When the filing process has ended, a document with the filed sales ticket entries is printed automatically. The document describes which records are selected from the OPSALE file and then archived.

Parameters to Set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(CRS799/E) From library

... the library from which the filing is to be done.

The normal value is *LIBL.

You can also enter the library where the data is stored; that is, MVXnDTA (where "n" is the installed version of M3).

(CRS799/E) To library

… the library in which the filed records are to be saved. Note: MVXARCH is the only possible value to be entered as the To library.

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