Download Item Information from M3 to an External POS System

This document explains how to download basic item information from M3 to an external point of sale (POS) system.


Item information is transferred to the files OPTMFI (transfer file) and OPTMML (transfer file mailing list) in M3. Information is prepared in these files that allows the user to retrieve the information from the POS system.

The POS system retrieves the downloaded item information, and any modification made to the data in M3 is passed on to the POS system.

When item data is exported from M3 to the external POS system, it is available in the OPTMFI file. For each record, an action code indicates the action to perform (update or delete) and the record information is stored in a data field.

Each record in the OPTMFI file has an associated mailing list in the OPTMML file. This is a list of shops to which each record must be sent.

Note: It is not possible to transfer all item data each time and therefore it is possible to transfer a single item change if required.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Item. Open' (MMS001).

  2. Create the required changes and select related option 'Export item to POS'.

  3. The POS outboxes OPTMFI (transfer file) and OPTMML (transfer files mailing list) are now updated, and the information is ready to be retrieved by the POS system.

    The action codes are:

    Action code: Description:


    A delete record will be transferred to POS.

    This is set if the status is equal to 90 in MITMAS or in MITBAL or if function selection in OPS620 is set to 4.



    An update record will be transferred to POS.

  4. In OPS600MI you can list and confirm the item data for a specific subscriber using transactions LstItm and CnfItm.

  5. In 'Item/Customer net transfer. Delete' (OPS690) you can clean up completed (con-firmed) transactions in POS outboxes OPTMFI and OPTMML.

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