Transfer Sales Tickets from OXSALE to OPSALE and Validate

This document explains how you transfer and validate sales ticket information in the OXSALE file. This file is where you temporarily store information after uploading it from an external point of sale system. The information is then uploaded to the OPSALE file.

Once the sales ticket information is transferred to the OPSALE file, you can update the stock, sales statistics and general ledger in M3.


The sales ticket information is validated and transferred to the OPSALE file.

The M3 general ledger, sales statistics and stock can be updated in 'POS Sales Ticket. Update' (OPS280).

The sales ticket input file (OPSALE) is updated.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'POS Sales Ticket. Transfer' (OPS270/E).

  2. On the E panel, specify an interface round number.

    The interface round number is used to identify all transactions in a sales ticket batch.

  3. Specify a facility, warehouse, and transaction date. Press Enter and the records will be transferred to the OXSALE file.

    The sales tickets with a transaction date on or before the date you have indicated on this panel are transferred.

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