Correct Errors that Occur during Sales Ticket Validation

This document explains how you can detect and correct the errors that may occur when you validate sales ticket information in the OXSALE file.


The errors are corrected. You can transfer the sales ticket information to the OPSALE file.

The validated sales ticket information can be transferred from the OPSALE file to M3.

The sales ticket input file (OPSALE) is updated.

Before you start

Sales ticket information must be uploaded to the OXSALE file.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'POS Sales Ticket. Open' (OPS275/B).

    On the B panel, the uploaded sales tickets are displayed.

  2. Check the statuses of the uploaded sales ticket batch and select an order whose status is 05=Error found. Select Change to display the E panel.

  3. Check the E and F panels. A message warns you each time an error is found. Correct the errors and return to the B panel.

    Repeat the procedure for all status 05 orders.

  4. On the B panel, select the batch you have just corrected and select Check/release to validate the sales ticket batch and transfer it to the OPSALE file.

    If all checks and corrections are successful, the status of the records in the OXSALE file will change to 90 and will no longer be modifiable. The status of the corresponding OPSALE file will change to one of the following:

    If record type=1000 or 1200:

    • Status 40 - Ready for stock update. This applies if the 'Inventory accounting interface' field is selected in 'Shop. Open' (OPS500/G).
    • Status 60 - Ready for accounting update. This applies if the 'Financial interface' field is selected and the 'Inventory accounting interface' field is cleared in 'Shop. Open' (OPS500/G).
    • Status 80 - No further update. This applies if both the 'Financial interface' and 'Inventory accounting interface' fields are cleared in 'Shop. Open' (OPS500/G).

      If record type <> 1000 or 1200:

    • Status 60 - Ready for accounting update
    • Status 80 - No further update.
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