Extended Catalog Item

This document explains what an extended catalog item (ECI) is and how it is used in the buy-to-order process.


An ECI is created. This facilitates the item management in the buy-to-order process.


When creating a new item in M3, you must manage a large amount of basic data, which is time-consuming. The purpose of ECI is to facilitate the management of seldom-sold items. You can predefine an ECI to use as a template item instead of creating a new one.


An ECI is used in the buy-to-order process when the ordered item is not normally kept in stock and therefore not available in the item master file.


An ECI is a predefined template item, and when you use an ECI during order line entry, a new item is created with the features of the template. An ECI is created in 'Item. Open' (MMS001).

There are two kinds of ECI:

Order Line Entry with Item Category 11

During customer order entry, a new item with a new item number is created automatically based on item master data from the template item. It will function like an ordinary item (item category=0) throughout the entire order process (customer order, purchase order, goods receipt, picking list etc.). You can change prices and discounts as well as maintain all necessary units of measure, weight and volume. The numbering rule in the item type determines the layout of the automatically created item number. You can assign an ECI special features, which makes the item easy to distinguish from ordinary items.

Order Line Entry with Item Category 12

A temporary item is created during customer order line entry, but a new item number is not created in order to avoid a large number of records in the item master file. Units of measure, weight and volume must be predefined in the item master file and cannot be changed. All relevant units of measure will be overridden by one common predefined unit of measure for the item if the conversion factor for the sales unit is set to 1.

The ECI is always used together with line type 1 (delivered to own stock) or line type 2 (delivered directly to customer) in customer order entry. The ECI will always be processed via the panel for procurement of customer order line in 'Customer Order. Acquire Sales Item' (OIS145), which is started automatically when entering an ECI in 'Customer Order. Open Line' (OIS101).

Template item numbers are used as object values in:

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