Display and Change Delivery Addresses on Customer Order Header

This document explains how you display and change delivery addresses during customer order entry in 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100).

You can use this instruction when you want to:

Before you start

The parameters listed in this table must be defined.

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(CRS720/E) Delivery address lines 1–4 … which address lines are to be displayed in 'Customer Order. Connect Address' (OIS102/B) during order entry, and also the order in which they are to appear.
(CRS720/E) Check date … whether the order entry date or requested delivery date is to be used when validating a delivery address during order entry.
(CRS610/G) Display valid delivery addresses

… how delivery addresses will be displayed during order entry and also whether selecting a delivery address is mandatory. This is only relevant for delivery addresses obtained from the customer order header.

This parameter works together with the 'Display delivery addresses' parameter (see below) in the order type defined in 'CO Type. Open' (OIS010/E). The addresses will be displayed provided the order type allows it.

(OIS010/E) Display delivery addresses … whether delivery addresses are to be displayed during order entry. This parameter must be selected if the addresses are to be displayed.

Follow These Steps

Note:  This instruction is written with 'Display delivery address' parameter set to 3, which means that if there is more than one delivery address registered, you must select one address to be displayed.
  1. Start 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100/A) and enter a new customer order.

    When leaving the order header, 'Customer Order. Connect Address' (OIS102/B3) is started automatically, where a list of valid delivery addresses will be displayed with validity dates.

  2. Select a delivery address. Press Enter to proceed to the next panel in your panel sequence.

    For more information about how to change addresses when including addresses in the panel sequence, refer to Connect a New Delivery and/or Invoice Address to the Customer Order During Order Entry.


A new delivery address is selected during customer order entry.

The new delivery address is printed on the order documents, such as the order confirmation and invoice.

Note that the changes made to the order only apply for the current customer order and do not change the standard address in the customer file.

The following files are updated:

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