Approving Preliminary Customer Order

This document explains how you check, change, and approve a preliminary customer order. A preliminary customer order has status 10=Preliminary, and it is not possible to continue the customer order flow until it is approved (OIS115).

Preliminary customer orders are used when the delivery date and delivering warehouse must be determined separately. When this has been done, the order lines can be approved.


The preliminary customer order is approved and released to be further processed in the customer order flow. The customer order status is set to 20=Approved.

The released customer order continues in the order flow according to the next manual function used for the order. The steps that follow approval are allocation of the ordered items, printing of picking list, and delivery. These steps are described in the Supply Chain Execution process and are not further described here.

Before you start

Follow these steps

Preliminary customer order types 1 and 2 (OIS010/F)

  1. Approve the preliminary customer order by changing the order status to 20 in any panel in 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100).

Preliminary customer order type 3

  1. Select the Preliminary Customer Order to Be Checked

    Preliminary customer orders are checked, maintained, and approved in 'Customer Order. Approve' (OIS115). You can use the selection fields on the B panel to easily find the customer order to be approved.

    Until the order is approved, it is possible to change the information in the order header and the order lines in (OIS115). Delivering warehouse can be changed in (OIS115). Delivery date and delivery time can be changed via option 20-Reschedule. These changes will affect both the customer order and the material plan. If an order is changed, the same checks are performed as during customer order entry.

  2. Check Feasibility of Preliminary Customer Order

    Internal communications with the sales, productions, and purchasing departments determine whether or not it is possible to further process the order. The preliminary customer order can be rescheduled in 'Customer Order. Reschedule' (OIS130) (option 20-Reschedule) or deleted (option 4-Delete).

  3. Change Status

    If an approval process is used to approve preliminary customer orders, each step in the process can have a corresponding status. This allows different people or departments in a company to process the order in different ways and provide approval for each step. Preliminary statuses ranging from 11 to 19 can be used for that purpose. These statuses can be set on the E panel or via options 21 and 22. The statuses set by options 21 and 22 are defined in the settings panel (F13).

    Note: The status codes in (OIS115) only reflect the status of customer order approval and not the status of the customer order.
  4. Approve and Release Customer Order

    A preliminary customer order becomes an approved order when all order lines are approved. Every order line must be approved in (OIS115/B) by selecting one or more order lines and selecting option 19-Approve. An approved order is final and all the changes entered previously are activated. Status 20=Approved is set for an approved customer order and the customer order is released to be further processed in the order flow.

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