Connect a New Delivery and/or Invoice Address to an Existing Customer Order

This document explains how you can connect a new address to an already existing customer order.

You can use this instruction when you want to manually add a new address or change an already existing delivery and/or invoice address.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100/A).

  2. Specify the customer order number. Press Enter and the information about the customer and the order is automatically retrieved to the order header.

  3. Select option 11=Addresses to proceed to 'Customer Order. Connect Address' (OIS102/H).

  4. On the H panel, select the 'Change Address' check box for the delivery address. Press Enter to proceed to the E panel.

  5. On the E panel, delete the predefined address number and press Enter. The address field is now open and you can enter a new delivery address for the order. Press Enter again to return to the E panel.

  6. You can change the address for the invoice recipient as well, select the 'Change Address' check box for the invoice recipient and repeat the procedure from step 4.

    It is also possible to select a standard address by pressing F4 in the 'Address number' field and selecting an address of your choice.

  7. If you are done specifying the new addresses, press Enter to return to the start panel in 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100/A).


The delivery and/or invoice addresses are changed and the new addresses are connected to the order.

The new delivery and/or invoice address is printed on the order documents, such as the order confirmation and invoice.

Note that the new address only applies for the specific order you have changed and does not change the standard address in the customer file.

The following files are updated:

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