Enter a Customer Order - Quick Entry Using No Panels in the Order Header

This document explains how you enter a normal customer order until the order has reached status 10=Preliminary or status 20=Final. Normal order entry is a customer order entered manually in 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100).

This instruction describes a quicker version of customer order entry using no panels in the order header. This instruction is based on panel sequence 58.

You can use this instruction when:

Before you start

The starting conditions listed in Entering a Customer Order: Normal Order Entry must be met.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100/A).

    Set the panel sequence to 58.

  2. Specify a customer number. Press Enter and information about the customer is automatically retrieved to the order header.

    Information that is retrieved from the customer file is, for example, order type payer, blanket agreement, delivery address and customer address.

  3. Specify a requested delivery date. Press Enter to proceed to 'Customer Order. Open Lines' (OIS101/B).

    When leaving the order header, a number of checks take place. If required information is missing or erroneous, then the panel and the field where the information is to be changed or entered are displayed. You are required to enter new information before continuing order entry.

  4. On the B panel, enter an item, the quantity and, if necessary, the price. Press Enter and the ordered item will be displayed.

    If you want to make any changes to the ordered item, select the item in the list. Select 'Open' and the E, F and G panels in (OIS101) are displayed, where you can make necessary changes to, for example, the price, quantity, name and description.

    Repeat this step f you want to add more items to the order. Click Exit to finish and proceed to 'Customer Order. Simulate Totals' (OIS110/E).

  5. A compilation of the order is displayed on the E panel. Check the information on the panel and, if necessary, change the order total discount (amount or percentage) and contribution margin ratio. Click Exit to finish order entry.

    Changing the order total discount results in a recalculation of the percentage discount and will have an effect on all order lines that are not already invoiced.

    The customer order is now entered and the status is set to 10 for a preliminary order or status 20 for a final order. Company routines determine how far the order is to be processed automatically.

    For more details about entering order lines, see Enter or Change an Order Line Charge to an Existing Customer Order.


The customer order is entered and the order is set to status 10=Preliminary or status 20=Final.

The customer order is further processed in the customer order flow and the next step is:

The following files have been updated:

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