Entering a Customer Order: Normal Order Entry

This document explains how you enter a normal customer order. Normal order entry means that a customer order is entered manually in 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100). This document also describes how you can:

You can use this document when you have defined all your settings for the customer order and you want to start entering customer orders.

The description of this process is based on panel sequence EFGH1258. Note that you can use the panel sequence in many different ways depending on your own work routines, and you usually do not use all panels during order entry.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Enter Order Header

    The customer order header is entered manually in 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100). Information is automatically retrieved to the order header; that is, to the E–H panels in (OIS100) when entering the customer who wants to place an order. Most of the retrieved information is controlled by settings in the customer order type or by settings defined for the customer. Payment terms, delivery addresses, currency, discount models and price lists are examples of the kind of information that is retrieved to the order header.

    On the E–H panels, you can monitor, change and add information to the order header.

    Note: It is not required to go through all these panels if all necessary information is already retrieved automatically.

    Each customer order is identified by a unique customer order number. The order number is assigned to the order when you proceed from (OIS100) to the order lines in (OIS101).

  2. Enter or Change Order

    • Enter or Change Order Addresses

      Customer addresses are predefined in the customer file and retrieved automatically to the order header. If you want to complete the customer order by adding, deleting or changing a delivery and/or invoice address during order entry, it is possible to do so in 'Customer Order. Connect Addresses' (OIS102/H). Include 1 in the panel sequence to start (OIS102).

      Note: The addresses that are changed or added will only affect the specific order and not change the addresses connected to the customer in the customer file.
    • Enter or Change Order Charges

      Customer order charges are defined in 'CO Charge. Open' (OIS030) and are connected to the customer or the order type. The order charges are retrieved automatically to the order header if the 'Check order charges' check box is selected in 'CO Type. Open' (OIS010/F).

      In 'Customer Order. Connect Charges' (OIS103/B) you can add or change order charges during order entry. Include 2 in the panel sequence and (OIS103/B) will be displayed, where you can make the necessary changes.

      Note: The charges that are changed, added or deleted will only affect the specific order and not change the charges connected to the customer or customer order type.
  3. Enter Order Lines

    During customer order line entry, the items entered are processed according to both the information specified per item in the item file and the order's customer order type. The settings for each customer also affect the order line entry.

    From the order lines, a number of functions and programs can be reached by selecting the different options and function keys, such as order line charges, addresses, allocation, entering text to be printed on order documents, simulating prices, recording lost sales and much more.

    Customer order lines are entered in 'Customer Order. Open Line' (OIS101), which is reached via 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100).

  4. Enter Order Total Discount

    After a customer order is entered, a compilation of the order can be displayed in 'Customer Order. Simulate Totals' (OIS110). Charges, costs, discounts, rounding-off amount, gross order total, etc. are all compiled.

    Discounts are retrieved automatically as specified by a discount model in the customer order header. Discounts can be changed manually during order entry, if the discount model and the customer order type permit it.

    The order total discount is calculated from the discount percentage and is based on the value for the ordered items. The order total discount can be entered or changed when changing the percentage, discount amount or contribution margin ratio. A change of the order total discount results in a recalculation of the percentage discount and will be distributed to all order lines that are not already invoiced.


A customer order is entered and the order is set to different statuses depending on how far you want the customer order entry to proceed automatically in the order flow. If required, predefined order addresses and order charges are changed to apply to this specific order. A compilation of the order displays information about order totals.

The different statuses in the customer order entry are:

All the different steps in the order flow can be performed manually or automatically depending on company routines.

Depending on the next manual function, different actions can be taken manually for the order in the order flow.

The following files have been updated:

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