Joint Delivery for Customer Order

This document explains how several selected customer order lines in a customer order can be connected and delivered at the same time in a joint delivery.


A joint delivery is created.

A joint delivery code is used for the purpose of grouping order lines together in order to deliver goods at the same time.

The following files are updated:


A customer order must be entered in 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100).


A joint delivery is when two or more order lines in a customer order are delivered together. These lines are flagged with a joint delivery code.

The order lines in a joint delivery should have the same delivery date set. When this is not done, lines with the same joint delivery code are all delivered on the latest delivery date assigned to any one of the lines.

You can use joint delivery of ordered items when the customer wants the different items to be delivered in selected groups and at different times.

Joint delivery can be specified for customer order lines in 'Customer Order. Open Lines (OIS101)' and 'Customer Order. Approve' (OIS115).

Reschedule Customer Order Lines Automatically

Customer order lines can also be connected to a joint delivery in 'Customer Order. Open Line' (OIS101/G). During customer order line entry, a delivery code for joint delivery is entered by default as specified in the customer order type in 'CO Type. Update Field Selection' (OIS014/K).

Customer order lines connected to the same joint delivery code are automatically rescheduled when finishing customer order entry. If possible, the order lines with the same joint delivery code are updated with one common confirmed delivery date/time. If route selection has retrieved different routes for order lines with the same joint delivery code, there might be scenarios where it is impossible to reschedule the order lines to the same confirmed delivery date/time.

Customer order lines are rescheduled when:

There are three different ways to reschedule customer order lines within the same joint delivery code:

Reschedule Customer Order Lines Manually

Customer order lines can be manually connected to each other for joint delivery in 'Customer Order. Reschedule' (OIS130). The lines to be delivered at the same time are assigned the same delivery code. This way, several joint deliveries can be created from one customer order.

Order lines connected for joint delivery can have different delivery dates. A common delivery date must be determined for these order lines in order to include them in a joint delivery. You can press:

Joint Delivery - Allocation and Picking

The order is released for picking list printing according to the option specified in the 'Allocation method' field in 'CO Type. Open' (OIS010/G). If the allocation method of the customer order type is 1, the picking list for a joint delivery is released for printing when all the order lines with the same delivery code are fully allocated.

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