Create Advance Invoice Proposal Manually

This document explains how you enter an advance invoice for a customer order manually, enabling you to invoice a customer before any goods has been delivered.

Note that if your settings are done in a certain way advance invioces are instead created automatically when entering a customer order. For more information, see Managing Advance Invoices.

Before you start

The starting conditions listed in Managing Advance Invoice must be met.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100/A).

  2. Specify the number of the customer order that you want to create an advance invoice for and click 14=Advance invoice.

    'Customer Order. Invoice in Advance'(OIS105) is displayed.

  3. Specify the requested invoicing date in OIS105/B. Click New.

    This is the date when the invoice is actually going to be processed in 'Customer Order Invoice. Print' (OIS180).

  4. Specify on panel E the amount to be invoiced.

    The amount is expressed in the order's currency.

  5. Review and change the VAT code and payment terms when necessary.

    You set default values in Customer Order Type. Update field selection (OIS014/N). (A/I VAT code and A/I pmt terms.)

    A VAT code for customer orders indicates the rate used when calculating VAT (Value Added Tax) for a customer order line. VAT codes are maintained in 'VAT code. Open'(CRS030). The terms of payment control how the due date of the invoice is to be calculated, as well as the appropriate text to be printed on the invoice.

  6. If necessary, specify a message that will be printed on the invoice in the Text line 1 and 2 fields.

    For example you can write 'Advance invoice 1' to identify the document. You set default values in Customer Order type. Update field selection (OIS014/N).

  7. Press Enter to create the advance invoice.

    Note: If a customer order line with an ECI (item category = 11 in Item.Open (MMS001/G)) or a non-coded item (item category = 12 in Item.Open (MMS001/G)) is added in the order after the advance invoice has been automatically created, the advance invoice amount is not recalculated. You have to change manually the amount in 'Customer Order. Invoice in advance' (OIS105/E) if you want the new line to be included in the advance invoice.


An advance invoice is prepared. The advance invoice includes information about, for example, amount, payment terms and what order the advance invoice refers to.

You can create and print the advance invoice immediately (interactive) in 'Customer Order. Invoice in Advance'(OIS105). If you do not do that, the advance invoice will be created and printed at the first invoicing done in 'Customer Order Invoice. Print' (OIS180) after the entered required invoice date.

Status 20=Not invoiced, will be assigned in 'Customer Order. Invoice in Advance'(OIS105). The status is raised to 70 after invoicing in 'Customer Order Invoice. Print (OIS180) or after interactive invoicing.

The following files are updated:

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