Create a Price List Table

This document explains how to create a price list table. The general idea of a price list table is to have one table that details a number of price lists that have been designed for a specific purpose. For example, you may want to have one price list table that shows the various different price lists that have been set up for medium sized customers in southern Europe.


A price list table is created from a list with different search values. The price list table must be connected to the customer order, which can be done in several ways. See Assigning a Sales Price to a Customer Order Line.

When entering customer order lines, the table is used to match the order line's values against the table's values in order to find the price list to be used. By using one or several price list tables it is possible to cover the need for different prices to different markets and/or groups of items.

The following files are updated:

Before you start

Price lists must be specified in 'Sales Price List. Open' (OIS017).

Follow these steps

Create price list table

  1. Start 'Sales Price List Table. Open' (OIS012/B).

  2. Enter a joint identity for a price list table. Select New and proceed to the E panel.

  3. On the E panel, specify a description and a name. Press Enter and return to the B panel.

  4. On the B panel, select the price list table, select option 12='Control table' and proceed to 'Available Object Ctrl Parameters. Open' (CMS016/E).

  5. On the E panel, select the identities of the fields to be used to select the price list you want to check. Press Enter and return to 'Sales Price List Table. Open' (OIS012/B).

    You can fill in three fields for each priority level. The information in the field refers to a field or data element from a specific file.

Create a sales price selection table

  1. On the B panel, select the price list table, select option 11='Price Lists' and proceed to 'Sales Price List Selection Table. Open' (OIS831/B).

  2. On the B panel, specify values in selection fields. Select 'New' and the E panel is displayed.

    The item and the customer that are specified during customer order entry are checked against the values specified here. If an item and a customer match the selection value, the price list specified on the E panel in (OIS831) is used.

  3. On the E panel, specify the price list to be used for the combination of the values specified on the previous panel. Press Enter and you will return to the B panel.

  4. Enter 2 in the 'Priority' field to enter the selection values for the fields specified for priority 2 in (OIS831).

    Next to the 'Priority' field the total number of priority levels is displayed.

  5. Repeat the procedure from step 7 on if you need to continue entering priorities and corresponding values. Press F3 or select 'Exit' when you have finished entering data.

    To check the information on screen for a specific price list, fill in the 'Price List Table' field at the top of the panel. Press Enter and the selected price list table is displayed.

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