Connect a Season to an Item Number

This document explains how you connect a season to an item number.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Style. Create Items by Matrix' (MMS077) or 'Style. Create Item' (MMS076).

    Both programs perform the same tasks but with different display layouts. From this point on, only 'Style. Create Items by Matrix' (MMS077) will be referred to although the information is also relevant for 'Style. Create Item' (MMS076).

    'Style. Create Items by Matrix' (MMS077) may also be reached by selecting option 12=Create item in 'Style. Open' (MMS016).

  2. Specify the style that you would like to work with.

  3. Click 'Next' to display the matrix and the 'Create Item' code.

  4. Set the 'Create Item' code to 1 or 2, to connect the entire style or only some of its items to a season.

    Use code 1 if the item numbers have not already been created and code 2 is set automatically by the system if the items already exist.

    The 'Create Item' code is defaulted from the P panel, or if the code is blank on the P panel, it is defaulted from 'Settings ( Item Creation' (CRS760).

  5. Press F14=Create to browse for a season and select the season you would like to connect to the item numbers.

    You can only browse for a season if the 'Season select' field is set to 1 in 'Style. Open' (MMS016).

  6. Confirm the connection by pressing F14=Create.


A connection between an item number and a season is created.

In order to use season handling, it is vital to create a connection between an item and a season.

For all of the entries for the fashion items in 'Item. Connect Alias Number' (MMS025), the 'Alias type' field = 88, the 'Alias number' field = style number and the 'Season' field is left blank. For each new season that you connect to an item, the system will create a new record in 'Item. Connect Alias Number' (MMS025) in which the 'Season' field is filled in with the season you have just connected.

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