Connect a Delivery Window to a Season

This document explains how you connect delivery windows to a season.

Before you start

A season identity must be created. See Create a Season.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Season. Connect Delivery Windows' (CRS917).

    This instruction is written for sorting order 1 and panel sequence E.

    The program can also be started from 'Season. Open' (CRS912) by selecting option 11=Delivery window.

  2. Specify the season that you would like to work with at the top of the panel.

  3. Specify the name of the delivery window to be created or connected to the season in the positioning field. Select 'New' to proceed to the E panel.

  4. Specify a description and a name of the delivery window.

  5. Fill in the fields for the first, last, and proposed delivery dates.

    These fields are not required and may be left blank. They can be used as default values in a customer order.


One or several delivery windows are connected to a season.

Delivery windows are used to divide a season into a number of shorter time periods.

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