Print Selected Cash Payments

This document explains how you select a range of cash payments based on a number of criteria. It also explains how you prepare the selected payments for printing. Use this instruction when you want to:


A selection of cash payments is made and a list of the selected cash payments is printed out.

You can use the printed list of selected cash payments as a tool to select and trace specific information about the cash payments, such as cash payments per:

The printed list can also be used as a control list, which enables you at the end of the day to check that the payments registered at the cash desk were correct and that no mistakes have been made.

Before you start

Standard views and sorting orders must be generated (F14) in 'View. Open' (CRS020) and in 'Sorting order. Open' (CRS022).

Follow these steps

  1. Select and Print Out Cash Payments

    Start 'Cash Payment. Print' (OIS223/E).

    Select one or several of the following selection criteria to limit the records to be printed out.

    • Facility
    • Payment facility. The payment facility is the facility charged with the cash payment. It can be different from the invoicing facility.
    • Cash desk
    • Payment method Accounts Receivable
    • Status
    • Payment number
    • Payment amount – foreign currency
    • Currency
    • Year
    • Invoice number
    • Payer
    • Cash desk transaction type
  2. Select the report layout and a date format.

    The layout specifies the information available in the report. There is only one valid alternative:

    01 = Payer, payer's name, payment number, invoice date, invoice number, invoice amount, payment amount, currency, payment date, transaction type, payment method.

  3. Enter an optional text and a sorting order.

    The optional text is to be used as a report header and a heading on the first page of the report.

    If several selection criteria are marked, they must have different numerical values in a sorting order. The lowest numerical value is given the highest priority.

  4. Activate the 'Page break' field if a page break should be made on the printout, and the 'Print totals' field if totals should be printed on line breaks. Press Enter.

    If selections or overrides have been defined in 'Printer File Definition. Open' the O panel will be displayed. Specify the printing criteria on the O panel. Press Enter and the selected records of cash payments will be printed.

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