Search and Display Cash Invoices

This document explains how you find and display cash invoices. This function facilitates the finding of specific cash invoices.

You can use this function to search for and display cash invoices when you quickly need to find and select specific cash invoices, such as cash invoices from a certain facility or from a certain time period.


A selection of cash invoices of your choice is made and the information is displayed.

You can use the displayed list of cash invoices when a certain type of information is needed, such as payment dates, payer, payment numbers, etc. By making the selections, you can specify the information you need and limit the number of invoices in your search.

Before you start

Standard views and sorting orders must be generated (F14) in 'View. Open' (CRS020) and in 'Sorting order. Open' (CRS022).

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Customer Order Invoice. Display' (OIS350/B).

  2. Select sorting order 5 to display only cash invoices.

  3. Press F17=Selection to proceed to the S panel.

  4. Select one or several of the following selection criteria to limit the records to be displayed.

    The available criteria are:

    • Payer
    • Facility
    • Invoice number
    • Invoice date
    • Due date
    • Status
    • Currency
    • Invoice amount foreign currency

    Note that only a limited number of selection fields are available (facility, payer, invoice number) on the S panel if you have selected sorting order 3.

  5. Press Enter to confirm the selection.

    The cash invoices of your choice will be displayed on the B panel.

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