Handling Cash Payments of Invoices

This document explains how to handle cash payments for customer invoices. This includes both invoices not intentionally meant to be paid in cash and invoices registered to be paid in cash from the beginning.

The purpose is:


The invoice is paid and a payment with a unique cash payment number is created. After validation of the cash desk, the invoice is transferred into accounting.

You will have good control of the paid invoices, and the Sales Ledger and Sub-ledger are updated. It is possible to select and display cash payments and cash invoices when specific information is needed. For example, it is possible to select all invoices from a certain date or payments from a certain payer.

The cash payment process updates the following files:

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Add Invoice for Cash Payment

    If the invoice was not originally intended for cash payment, the invoice has to be reclassified. The invoice can be reclassified in the program 'CO Invoice. Display' (OIS350).

  2. Initiate Payment

    When a customer wants to pay an invoice in cash, you initiate the payment by specifying information such as cash desk, payer, currency, payment method, invoice number(s), and payment amount in foreign currency. You register a cash payment in 'Cash Payment. Open' (OIS215).

  3. Register Payment per Payment Method

    Customers want to pay an invoice in different ways, such as by cash and/or by check. You register how the payment is handled through the payment method. The payment method is defined in 'AR Payment Method. Open' (CRS076). It is possible to register a payment with different payment methods. A payment can also be a partial payment if the customer wants to pay only a part of the invoice amount.

  4. Validate Payment

    When the cash payment is registered it has to be validated (that is, confirmed) in 'Cash Payment. Open' (OIS215) before leaving the program. If the Cash desk setting is set to create a receipt this will now be created and printed. After validation, a payment is created and will be displayed in 'Cash Desk. Validate' (OIS217) with a unique payment number assigned to it. After validation of the cash desk, the invoice is transferred into General Ledger and Sub-ledger. This transfer can be performed either automatically during cash desk validation in (OIS217), or in a separate function: 'Cash Desk. Transfer to FAM' (OIS218).

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