Register and Validate Cash Payments for Invoices

This document explains how you register and validate cash payments for invoices in a cash desk. Three different ways of paying an invoice are explained in this instruction:

An 'invoice' is an invoice with a positive amount to pay or a credit note; that is, you will pay one or several invoices, partly or completely, with credit notes.

The document also explains how to validate partial payments and payment tolerances.

Cash payments for invoices are carried out if a customer wants to pay the invoice immediately after customer order and invoicing or at a common cash desk.


The invoice is paid and a payment with a unique cash payment number has been created. After validation of the payment, the payment is displayed in 'Cash Desk. Validate' (OIS217).

Note: There may be more than one invoice paid at the same time and more than one payment for one invoice.

All cash payments registered in a cash desk will be transferred into accounting at cash desk validation. The cash desk validation is mandatory and closes the cash desk at a certain date.

The cash payment process updates the following files:

Before you start

Standard views and sorting orders must be generated (F14) in 'View. Open' (CRS020) and in 'Sorting order. Open' (CRS022).

Follow These Steps

Register Cash Payments

  1. Start 'Cash Payment. Open' (OIS215/B).

  2. Specify facility, cash desk, payer, currency, payment method and payment date, if not automatically retrieved.

    At this stage you can change the currency if you want to record a payment in a currency that is not the currency of the invoice. In addition, you can change the payment date. It will not be possible to change these fields once you have started creating a payment.

  3. Select an invoice and click 'New' to display the invoice amount. The amount to pay is automatically added to the 'Payment amount – Foreign currency' field.

  4. Select one of the following alternatives to specify different kinds of methods to pay an invoice in cash:

    • Use One Payment Method for One Invoice

      Press Enter to confirm the payment, and the payment is displayed in the subfile.

      When you select an invoice, the amount to pay is automatically added to 'Payment amount – Foreign currency'. You enter the amount you received in the 'Cash received' field only if you want to display the difference between the amount to pay and the cash amount you received in order to report the difference back to the customer.

      To get more detailed information about the payment, select the payment and select 'Open' and the E panel is displayed. You can now change the payment amount and/or the payment method. If the invoice is paid by check, you can enter bank-related information such as bank ID and check number.

    • Use Several Payment Methods for One Invoice

      Change the total amount to be paid manually in the 'Payment amount foreign currency' field into the amount of the first payment method. Press Enter to confirm the payment.

      The payment will be displayed in the subfile. The remaining amount to be paid is now displayed in the field.

      Change the payment method manually and press Enter.

      The second payment is now displayed in the subfile. If the 'Discrepancy' field=0, the invoice is fully paid.

    • Pay Several Invoices at the Same Time

      Select an invoice and click 'New' for each invoice to be paid in order to connect unpaid cash invoices. Press Enter.

      The system will add the invoices' amounts and display the result in the 'Payment amount foreign currency' field.

      Enter the amount you received as a payment, and press Enter to confirm the payment.

Validate the Payment

Press F14 to validate the payment.

The payment is now created and will be displayed in 'Cash Desk. Validate' (OIS217) with a unique payment number assigned to it.

Depending on the setting in Cash desk. Open a cash desk receipt will be printed.

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