Entering Externally Entered Customer Order using M3 e-business or EDI

This document explains customer orders are generated externally via M3 e-business or via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and created as temporary customer orders.

This document only describes the process from a M3 perspective. It does not explain how to specify orders through a web browser.


Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Generation of customer order through M3 e-business or EDI

    M3 e-business

    Customer orders entered in M3 e-business are generated and created as temporary batch orders before they are created as confirmed orders in M3.


    EDI messages generate temporary customer orders, before orders can be created as confirmed orders in M3.

  2. Temporary customer orders created in batch order entry

    When a customer order is generated, a temporary customer order is created and assigned temporary customer order number in 'Batch Order. Open' (OIS275).

    The temporary order is then completed with information retrieved according to criteria defined on the customer order type. The completed order is then checked.

    If a complete and correct order can be created, a customer order with confirmed order number is created in automatically.

    If a complete and correct order cannot be created or if it contains errors, it must be changed or supplemented manually in 'Batch Order. Open' (OIS275).

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