Entering Customer Order: Quick Entry

This document explains how customer orders are created using the simplified order entry in 'Customer Order. Quick Entry' (OIS200).

Quick order entry is used to simplify order entry by minimizing the amount of information entered and decreasing the number of checks that are run at order entry. These checks are postponed and carried out when the orders are completed in the batch order entry.


Before you start

The prerequisites Batch Order document must be met.

Follow these steps

  1. Generate temporary customer order in quick order entry

    Customer orders are specified in 'Customer Order. Quick Entry' (OIS200).

    Only the following information can be specified:

    • Customer
    • Warehouse
    • Required delivery date
    • Item and quantity
    • Sales price (if allowed)

      Sales price can be specified during quick order entry if the

      • Price entry field is activated on the (OIS200/P) panel
      • 'Source sales price is valid' field is selected in 'Settings - Batch Orders' (OIS278).

      Even if sales price entry is activated, sales price does not have to be specified. If sales price is not specified for one or several items, the item(s) will be priced according to the regular price hierarchy after customer orders have been created.

  2. Temporary customer orders created in batch order entry

    After an order is created in 'Customer Order. Quick Entry' (OIS200), a temporary customer order is generated, assigned with a temporary customer order number in 'Batch Order. Open' (OIS275).

    The temporary order is then completed with information retrieved according to criteria defined in the customer order type. The completed order is then checked.

    If a complete and correct order can be created, a customer order with confirmed order number is created automatically.

    If a complete and correct order cannot be created or if it contains errors, it must be changed or supplemented manually in 'Batch Order. Open' (OIS275).

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