External Pricing Information

This document explains how external price information is retrieved to a customer order line and how this information is used for printout on packing notes and price labels.

External prices are used as price information in a business-to-business context. For example, they are used by companies to include a suggested retail price as part of their service when they sell to wholesalers.

External prices are not used to set sales prices on order lines.


External prices can be used for:

External prices are retrieved to the customer order line and can be printed.

Before you start


  1. Customer Order Line Entry

    When an item is specified in 'Customer Order. Open Line' (OIS101), a check is done to see if the specified item is included in one or several of the price lists entered for external prices.

  2. Price List for External Prices per Customer

    The prices used for printing external prices are defined in a price list in 'Sales Price List. Open' (OIS017). The price list is then connected to a customer in 'Customer. Connect External Prices' (OIS045), which is reached from 'Customer. Open' (CRS610) using option 15=External prices.

    Six price lists can be specified to be used for external prices. For each price list a label flag is specified. A label flag is an identity for a label layout to be used when printing delivery notes and price labels in 'Customer Order. Print Sales Price Label' (OIS615). The label flag is also used to determine the label layout if M3 is used with an optional PC application.

  3. External Prices Retrieved to Customer Order Line

    External prices are retrieved automatically from one or several price lists to the order line. This means, for example, that if an item is included in three price lists, all three prices are retrieved.

    Changing External Prices

    External prices may be changed, added, or deleted on a customer order line. This is done by using option 17=External prices in 'Customer Order. Open Line' (OIS101). 'Customer Order. Enter External Prices' (OIS108) is then displayed.

    External prices can also be added to a customer order after order entry. This is done using option 17=External prices in 'Customer Order. Open Line Toolbox' (OIS301).

  4. Printout

    • Printout of Packing Note Containing External Prices

      If set in the 'External prices' field in 'Customer. Open' (CRS610/H), external prices will be printed on packing notes. Packing notes are printed in 'CO Delivery. Print Packing Note' (OIS620).

    • Printout of Price Labels Containing External Prices

      If set in the 'External prices' field in 'Customer. Open' (CRS610/H), external prices can be printed on sales price labels.

      Price labels are printed in 'Customer Order. Print Sales Price Label' (OIS615). Two label flags can be printed. This could be used to print out external price and regular price.

      Number of Labels

      The number of labels per label flag ID is the same as the ordered quantity in basic U/M, but can be changed at printout.

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