Salesperson on Order Line Level

It is possible to add one or several salespersons to an order line. An object control table is used for directing the salesperson to the order line in customer order entry. In addition, with an Equipment I-Switch, it is also possible to connect many salespersons to an order line in 'Connect Salesperson' (CRS114). This equipment-specific functionality is possible to use with EQM, Customer Order, Rental Agreement and Maintenance Order.


Many industries require functionality to add different salespersons to different customer order lines within the same order. An example of a realistic scenario for this can be that a company has two different product groups which are sold to the same customer. It might not be enough to have the salesperson attached to the customer defaulted to the order lines, since there might be different salespersons per product group per customer.

In the Equipment industry there is an additional need to have more than one salesperson per order line.



You can set up an object control table for a salesperson in 'Salesperson Selection Table. Open' (CRS171). The program is started from 'Available Object Ctrl Parameters' (CMS016).

For the fields in the object control table, the field group SMCDB is used. When an order line (included in the set up in 'Salesperson Selection Table. Open' (CRS171)) is added, the salespersons are added to that order line. It might be necessary to use F14=Generate in 'Available Object Ctrl Parameters' (CMS016) to add 'Salesperson Selection Table. Open' (CRS171) in the selection.

In order to activate the functionality, field control has to be configured in 'CO Type. Update Field Selection' (OIS014/J). The field value for the Salesperson field should be set to *SYS.

Settings Descriptions

Program ID

Field Heading



Salespersons Selection

Set up selection for salesperson


Connect Salesperson

Connect salesperson to an order line

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