Planned Split of Customer Order Line

This solution is mainly designed to manage a planned split of customer order lines, which means that several deliveries to the customer are made during the requested delivery day. However, it will also work perfectly well as an agreement for delivery time schedules for each delivery address (for example, delivery at 10:00). As a matter of fact, such an agreement is just a specific scenario where the entire ordered quantity (100%) will be delivered within a specific time bucket per buying pattern.

Before you start


When an order line is received during the planned split, the combination of customer, item, warehouse and required delivery day is used to check how to distribute the entire ordered quantity to one or more (a maximum of five) predefined delivery occasions during that particular day.

The field 'Check planned split' on the customer order type (OIS010/E) indicates if, and how, the planned split should be performed:


The time buckets found represent a certain share of the ordered quantity that will be allocated to different routes and departures, giving different delivery date and times at the customer.

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