Discount Promotion in POS

This document explains how you define discount promotions in a shop, such as 'Buy 3 for the price of 2' and 'Buy 3 and get the least expensive item for free.'

This functionality is a pure Point of Sales (POS) functionality in shop, where the mix & match promotions are considered as a specially reduced price and are used to draw customers to the shop.

Follow these steps

  1. Define the mix & match details in 'Mix & Match. Open' (OPS660).

  2. Run the MI program OPS660MI to retrieve the mix & match data and to download this to the POS system.


Mix & match data is downloaded to the POS system.

Configuration Settings

'Mix & Match. Open' (OPS660) must be defined.

Parameters to set

Program ID Field Heading Description
(OPS660/E) Mix & Match ID The field indicates the ID of a mix & match promotion. A mix & match promotion is a discount structure used in Point of Sales.
(OPS660/E) Mix & Match type

The valid alternatives are:

1 = Fixed price for the mix & match structure

2 = Buy X and get Y for free or Y discounted

(OPS660/E) Warehouse table The field indicates a warehouse table. Warehouse tables are managed in 'Warehouse Selection Table. Open (MMS033) and are used to define selection criteria. Only the warehouses fulfilling the selection criteria can be connected to the promotion.
(OPS660/E) Warehouse If a warehouse table is not defined, a warehouse connected to the promotion must be entered.
(OPS660/E) Quantity

The field indicates the lower quantity limit stated in the unit of measure specified in the mix & match scale.

Example: Buy 3 pay for 2. Then 3 will be stated here.

(OPS660/E) Qty free of charge The field indicates the number of quantity which should be for free or discounted. This field is used in combination with Mix & Match type 2.
(OPS660/E) Sales price The field indicates the sales price for the whole Mix & Match promotion. This field is used in combination with Mix & Match type 1.
(OPS660/E) Status

The valid alternatives are:

  • 10 = Preliminary
  • 20 = Definite
  • 90 = Blocked/expired.
(OPS660/E) Promotion responsible The field indicates the ID of the person who is responsible for a promotion.
(OPS660/E) Member The field indicates if the mix & match promotion is for a member.
(OPS661/E) Item/Item group

Depending on the mix match base, item number or item group must be defined.

Defines which item groups or item number that the promotion regards.

(OPS661/E) Quantity

The field indicates the lowest valid quantity for the particular record. This is used for quantity related setting of prices and discounts in Point Of Sales.

For example, if there is a promotion stating 'Buy 3 and pay for 2' then the quantity for items or item groups are specified. When picking a total quantity of three, the promotion will be valid.

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