Print Checks in Cash Desk

Checks are valid payment methods in the cash desk, where credit notes are also handled. This document describes how to print checks against a credit note.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Create a payment line against a credit note in 'Cash Payment. Open' (OIS215).

  2. Select F16=Create check.

  3. A new panel is displayed (OIS215/F). The check number, accounting date, payee and payee address are displayed, and some of the information is editable. You can also enter a message to the payee. Press Enter when all changes have been made.

  4. The payment is automatically validated and the check is printed. A record in 'Check. Open Checkbook' (APS300) is created. The status of the check depends on the cashed/sent setting for the FAM function for cash desk (OI30).

  5. At the end of the day when the cash desk is validated in 'Cash Desk. Validate' (OIS217) and the transactions are updated to the accounts, the check printout is accounted and the check is updated with voucher information.

    • The check is booked on the accounting string from the bank account ID on which the check was created.
    • The contra account will be the invoice transactions entered in 'Cash Payment. Open' (OIS215), for example the payback of a credit note.


A check is printed from the cash desk to pay money back to the customer, and the check is updated in 'Check. Open Checkbook' (APS300).

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