Manage Customer Order Entry Message

This section explains how customer order entry messages are displayed.


Customer order messages will be displayed during customer entry when the below prerequisites are met:

Customer order entry message in order processing

A message is displayed when entering a new customer order in 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100) given that the 'CO messages' check box is selected on 'CO Type. Open' (OIS010/E) and the criteria in 'CO Entry Message. Open' (OIS165) are met.

When a message is displayed, the user can specify that the message is not to be displayed in the future if the 'Ignored' check box on (OIS165/E) is selected.

There can be more than one message that is displayed during order entry. The display order is based on the CO entry message set. The first to be displayed is the specific user-defined message, followed by non-user defined messages based on priority, where 9 is the highest and 1 the lowest.

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