Sales Price on Style Color Administration

This document describes the process of creating and updating sales price lists on the style color level. The available objects are color, size and characteristics.


Sales price lines are only created and updated for the first object. For the other two objects, either manual entry in 'Sales Price List. Open Basic' (OIS021/B) or the API (OIS017MI) must be used.

Follow These Steps

  1. Define costing model for sales price list on style color level

    To calculate a price list on the style color level, it must first be connected to a costing model. The costing model must contain one costing element that uses Color (HMCOLO) as an object.

    When prices are calculated for a style's color in a price list, the prices are calculated using the first object value in the sales price header. Therefore, to automatically calculate prices for the style's color, the first object in the sales price header must be HMCOLO.

  2. Define sales price list on style color level

    The price list uses values determined by objects from 'Sales Price List. Open' (OIS017/H). The available objects are HMCOLO, Size (HMSIZE) and Characteristics (HMCHSC).

    Using the objects on panel (OIS017/H) will bring you to (OIS021/B), where the object values are used together with the style number. You can now enter base prices using color, size and characteristics.

  3. Sales price list line – Search sequence

    The search sequence for the price list line works as follows:

    1. Search for SKU

    2. Search for Style + 3 objects

    3. Search for Style + 2 objects

    4. Search for Style + 1 object

    5. Search for Style

The price list line search can be used wherever an M3 price list is used.


Industry FHS – Fashion must be used in 'Company. Open' (MNS095).

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