Select Shelf Labels to Print in Point of Sales

This functionality is used to select and print shelf labels in a shop. The printing can be done in one of the following ways according to the selections done in 'Shelf Labels. Select' (OPS650):



Stream files for shelf labels according to the specified label type are created.

Automatic generation

Automatic generation takes place when changes are made on the item in M3. The base for generation is created when 'Item. Net Transfer' (OPS620) is run.

Changes of the following fields on the item trigger a new label:

Note: Records from database table OPLABL in a specific status are selected.

Mapping label type against stream file

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Shelf Labels.Select' (OPS650).

  2. Choose a selection function:

    • 1 = Manual selection
    • 2= Selection from auto generated base
  3. Make other appropriate selections and press Enter.

Configuration Settings

Optional Settings

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