Configure Credit Card Management Interface

This document describes how to configure M3 Business Engine to support credit card payments in the customer order entry using a third-party provider.


A solution is available to support credit card payments in customer order entry and cash desk using the third-party provider CenPOS. To manage this interface, certain settings are required to define the information received from the third-party provider. Although you can use a provider other than CenPOS, modification would be required to support this, and a number of free format fields are available in 'Credit Card Interfaces Settings. Open' (CRS434) for this purpose.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Credit Card Interfaces Settings. Open' (CRS434) and create a new third-party ID.
  2. Specify the third-party provider on the E panel. If a different third-party provider than CenPOS is specified, a warning is displayed with a message that another provider is added, and further modifications will be required. Press Enter to continue.
  3. Depending on the specified third-party provider, different fields are displayed. Specify the information received from the third-party provider. For example, if CenPOS is selected, fields for the version (the versions supported by M3) and authorization days (the validity period of an authorization) are displayed. The URL address provided by CenPOS to run the CenPOS POS system must also be specified.
    Note:  You can specify several third-party IDs per provider because a provider can have different merchant IDs depending on the currency.
  4. Start 'Field Group. Open' (CRS108) and select F14='Standard' to create the field group CR3PI.
  5. Access the control object parameters for third-party IDs in 'Available Object Control Parameters. Open' (CMS016).
  6. To set up the control object parameter, select related option 11='Object table detailed line'. 'Generic Object Control Table. Open' (CMS017) contains the available control objects, division (&DIVI), currency (&CUCD), project (OAPROJ), customer (OACUNO), facility (OAFACI), order type (OAORTP), contact method (OAWCON), customer order free field 1 (OAFRE1), and cash desk (UKCSHD). Define which control objects to use. Press Enter.
    Note:  If credit card management in cash desk is used, we recommend that you use the control object for cash desk. Only control objects division, currency, and cash desk are supported in cash desk.
  7. In 'Connect Third-Party ID. Open' (CRS439), create the relation between the control objects and the third-party ID.
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