Reschedule Customer Order Lines


'Customer Order. Reschedule' (OIS130) can be used to reschedule order lines on a specific customer order, or on multiple customer orders at once. This function can also be used to change the requested delivery date on the order lines.

It is also possible to use 'Customer Order. Mass Change Lines' (OIS260) to change the planning date on order lines on multiple customer orders at once. See Mass Change Order Lines for more information about that functionality.


If one of the selected customer order lines is attached to a joint delivery code, all other customer order lines connected to the same joint delivery code will be rescheduled, even if they not are included by the selection criteria.

Customer order lines connected to reference orders or preallocation are not rescheduled. These CO lines may be automatically rescheduled by the autojob (depending on the customer order type settings) when the confirmed delivery date for the acquisition order is changed.

Working in (OIS130)

Use sorting order 1='Planning date' in 'Customer Order. Reschedule' (OIS130) to reschedule order lines on a specific customer order based on the current available-to-promise (ATP). The current ATP date is displayed for each order line and Action F15='Proposals' can be used to propose the ATP dates as the new planning date/time.

Use sorting order 2='Req delivery date' to change the requested delivery date/time on the order lines.

You can also enter a new date and time manually, for both sorting orders. A joint delivery code can also be entered.

Action F18Mass change order lines='Repeat' can be used to repeat the new date/time and joint delivery code of the first line in the list to all the lines in the list.

Submit the update with Action F14='Update.

Working in (OIS280)

'Customer Order. Reschedule CO Lines' (OIS280) can be used to reschedule order lines on multiple customer orders at once. This is normally triggered by changes in available-to-promise (ATP) for a specific item and therefore the rescheduling is normally done with a selection on item number. (The ATP change can, for example, be caused by a problem in production or a late delivery from the supplier.) The available quantity is 'allocated' to the order lines based on priority and requested delivery date.

This is a submitted job that can take a long time to execute.

Note: To avoid unpredictable rescheduling results, it is recommended that you run this job when there are no other activities on the system. For example, entering new order lines for the item being rescheduled can lead to an incorrect ATP calculation.

Enter selection criteria for the rescheduling in OIS280/E. The selections refer to the corresponding fields in the customer order line and customer order header:

Press Enter or click Next to submit the batch job.


Planning date/time, departure date/time and confirmed delivery date/time are updated on the customer order line when rescheduling is performed. In addition, a new route and route departure may be updated on the customer order line, depending on the route preselections and customer order type settings.

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