Reason Categories

Reason categories are defined to categorize reason codes used for a specific function. When reason categories are connected to a function, the reason codes for that category are validated.

This instruction explains how to create reason categories.


This functionality is only available for the functions listed in 'Function. Connect Reason Category' (CRS222).

Follow these steps

  1. Create a reason category in 'Reason Category. Open' (CRS220) and specify the required information.

  2. Press Enter to access 'Reason Category. Connect Reason Codes' (CRS221), or select option 11='Reason Category. Connect Reason Codes'.

  3. Specify the reason codes to be connected to the reason category.

  4. Select option 1='Create'. Reason codes are maintained in 'Transaction Reason. Open' (CRS130).

  5. Connect the reason category to a specific function in 'Function. Connect Reason Category' (CRS222).

  6. Selection option 1='Create'.