Line Planning

A production line is a group of equipment dedicated to manufacturing a specific number of products or product families. In 'Production Line. Reschedule' (RPS110), the planned load per product and the capacity of the production (in standard U/M instead of hours) is displayed.

Whether a product uses line planning is set in 'Item. Connect Facility' (MMS003). The work center entered there must be coded as a production line (in 'Work Center. Open' (PDS010)). Also an alternative capacity and a U/M must be entered for the work center (for example 8 hours = 160 pieces). The relationship between the basic U/M and the used production U/M (if they are not the same) must be defined in a conversion table (in 'Work Center. Connect Alt Capacity U/M' (PDS045)). This table is accessed by selection option 15 from the work center in (PDS010).

The production line for the item is copied into the planned manufacturing order (in 'Planned MO. Open' (PMS170)) and the into the manufacturing order (in 'Manufacturing Order. Open' (PMS100)).

In 'Settings – Manufacturing Orders' (CRS785), the parameter 'Update planned MO production line to status' indicates whether existing planned manufacturing orders are updated with a new production line when the setting 'Production line' is changed in (MMS003).

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