Material Plan

The Material plan (file MITPLO) is the heart of M3. Here all planned transactions are shown for the combination of item and warehouse. The transactions shown are the ones starting from today’s date and into the future, but not reported transactions with past date. All passed transactions may be viewed in 'Stock Transaction. Display History' (MWS070). The result of the transactions can be viewed in 'Balance Identity. Display' (MMS060) or 'Balance Identity. Open Toolbox' (MWS060).

The head of the program used for maintaining the material plan, 'Material Plan. Open' (MMS080), contains information concerning:

All transactions in the material plan have:

The planned date and time for the transaction. The symbols in front of the date mean:

* on or within lead time

  • between lead-time and planning-time fence

+ outside planning time fence.

Transaction quantity  
Projected on-hand-balance The quantity of this item/warehouse combination. after this transaction.
Available-to-promise The quantity possible to deliver at this date without causing shortage.
Order category The first 2 digits gives information of the order type. The last digit indicates whether it’s a planned (proposal) or released (actual) order.
Status It gives the user information on how far in the flow the order has gone.
Action message The system may provide information to act on in order to prevent shortage.
Line The order line related to the current item.
Reference text Information of what customer, supplier or item this order is designated for.
Pre-allocation This is the pre-allocated quantity, i.e the quantity promised to a demand order line from an acquisition order line. When the acquisition order line is received, the quantity is immediately allocated to the demand order line specified.
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