Calculate Projected Load

This procedure is used to calculate projected load (in other words, resource requirements) based on different input. This input can be forecasts, planned orders or delivery schedules for the products included in the rough-cut capacity plan.

Before you start

To start this procedure, the RCCP resources in the calculation must be connected to the products or technology groups using resource requirements profiles.

The parameter setup for RCCP must have been done in ‘Settings – RCCP’ (RCS800).

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to calculate projected load.

  1. Select ‘Resource Reqmnt. Create’ (RCS050).

  2. Specify the range of facilities, product numbers or group technology classes to include in the calculation.

  3. Specify the date to determine the planning horizon.

  4. In the Resource planning basis field, set the calculation input to use.

  5. Start the calculation.

If the calculation is based on planned orders, the finish date from each order is loaded. If the calculation is based on a forecast or the master production schedule, the middle day of each period is loaded.

See procedure Analyze Projected Load when the calculation is completed.

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