Demand Specification and Control

The process is used to specify the basis on which the master production schedule will be built, as well as to control the existing master production schedule to better correspond with future requirements.

The process is completed when a master production schedule is created or updated.

Before you start

The process can be used when the following have been created from rough-cut capacity planning:

Follow these steps

The section describes the scope of the process.

  1. Change Forecast for Master Production Schedule

    If a forecast needs to be changed, for example when requirements change during a certain time period, adjustments can be made in 'Forecast Method. Open' (FCS300) and/or 'Forecast Logic. Open' (FCS305).

    One way to change a forecast is to simulate different situations until a satisfactory result is reached. Then save the simulation as an actual forecast.

  2. Create Master Demand Schedule

    After any adjustments have been made on forecasts, a master demand schedule is created. The master demand schedule contains order proposals to cover the demands of items on the forecast. A master demand schedule is used as the basis for the master production schedule.

    A master demand schedule can be created from an existing master demand schedule or entered manually as well as from a forecast. The following list describes other ways to create or change a master demand schedule:

    • Manually create or change the master demand schedule in 'Manual Forecast/MDS. Open' (FCS350)
    • Copy a forecast in a master demand schedule from 'MDS. Copy from Forecast' (MPS100)
    • Copy from one master demand schedule to another in 'MDS. Copy between Versions' (MPS110)
    • Delete a master demand schedule in 'MDS. Delete Demand' (MPS140).

    Several versions of a master demand schedule can be created, which makes it possible to compare results of different master demand schedules. These versions are created in 'MDS Version. Open' (MPS300). More information can be found in Master Demand Schedule.

  3. Create Master Production Schedule

    The load analysis from Rough-cut capacity planning and master demand schedule provide the basis for the master production schedule. This determines what will be manufactured over a longer period, for example one year, with available capacity.

    The master production schedule is broken down in material requirements planning and is changed as needed in the material plan, which is then managed in 'Material Plan. Open' (MMS080).

    To be assured that the master production schedule will accomplish the desired result, a simulation can be performed. More information can be found in Simulating a Material Plan.

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