Family Item

If you have a number of items of more or less the same type and you don’t want to forecast on each one of them, it’s possible to create a family item for all items of the same product type. Then you create a share for each item in your family. The share is a percentage of the total forecast for a certain item and warehouse (if you use several warehouses). When entering items to the family item, no forecast may be set for the item in question.

When you enter a forecast for your family-item in 'Manual Forecast. Enter via F/C Family' (FCS415/B), the family members will have a forecast in ‘Manual Forecast/MDS. Open’ (FCS350) according to the share entered. But remember that if you change on a family member it will accumulate up to the family item. By running 'Forecast Family. Create Historical Share' (FCS405), you can create the item share from historical data.

Before you start

In order to use family items, perform the following:

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