Manual Forecast

The manual forecast is entered in 'Manual Forecast/MDS. Open' (FCS350) for the combination Item/Warehouse, one line per period. It is possible to enter values in earlier, present and future periods. On panel (FCS350/P) you can choose to block earlier forecast periods from input. This forecast will appear as an order category 010 in the material plan.

You may also adjust a generated forecast using 'Manual Forecast/MDS. Open' (FCS350/B).

When displaying the material plan using 'Material Plan. Open' (MMS080) to look at the forecast, a number of proposals have been created, The type of proposals depend on the type of the items for which the forecast was made.

If using a manual forecast it is possible to enter the values in another way than entering the forecast line by line. One way is to enter a yearly demand and distribute it with a distribution curve. This can be done by F14=Dist F/C in 'Manual Forecast/MDS. Open' (FCS350). You enter a distribution curve, yearly demand, start period and a number of periods to distribute. The yearly demand from 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002) is proposed, if available.

If you have used the forecast for a number of years, the statistics could be fetched to your forecast by pressing F15=Rtr history in 'Manual Forecast/MDS. Open' (FCS350) or in a batch run using 'Manual Forecast. Update fr Last Year His' (FCS480).

Before you start

In order to use manual forecasts for an item/warehouse combination, enter the following:

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