Create Forecast Family Structure

The purpose of this procedure is to create and update forecast family structures. These are used to describe the structure of a group of products in a forecast family.

Forecasts for specific item/warehouses are obtained by exploding the forecasts for its forecast family. A forecast family can be exploded through the family structure.

Before you start

Before this procedure can be started, the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to create and update a forecast family structure.

  1. Select ‘Forecast Family. Open’ (FCS400).

  2. Specify option 11 = Details to add or change an item/warehouse in the forecast family. ‘Forecast Family. Open Line’ (FCS410/B) is then called.

  3. Add to or change the items displayed. If necessary, specify the applicable period range. Press F3=End to return to (FCS400).

  4. In the E panel, specify or change the normalizing factor for each item/warehouse, as well as the share of the total demand for the forecast family.The total for all component item/warehouses must be 100%. The share of the total demand can be determined by calculating a percentage of historic demand. This is done in ‘Forecast Family. Create Historical Share’ (FCS405).

  5. To end press F12 = Cancel.

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